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Alessandro Bergna

Marketing Head

Alessandro Bergna Marketing head
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Narure lover

Alessandro, comes from an Italian family, was deeply influenced by his upbringing, which instilled in him a profound love for nature and spirituality. This early connection with the natural world inspired him to pursue a degree in agricultural economics, allowing him to explore his passion for the environment and its sustainable practices. As fate would have it, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic presented Alessandro with a unique opportunity to explore new avenues.

During this challenging period, Alessandro transitioned from being a full-time agronomist to a social media manager. This unexpected career shift allowed him to utilize his skills in a different domain while adapting to the changing circumstances. However, Alessandro's inclination to make a positive impact on others' lives and promote emotional well-being remained strong.

Motivated by his passion for holistic wellness, Alessandro joined Oorjayii Yoga as the Marketing Head. In this role, he found a platform to combine his multidisciplinary expertise with his innate desire to help others. Alessandro's presence at Oorjayii Yoga is a delightful experience for those who encounter him. Beyond his marketing responsibilities, he often captivates others with enchanting tales about plants, showcasing his extensive knowledge of herbs and their healing properties.

If you happen to cross paths with Alessandro, consider yourself fortunate, for he might treat you to his culinary creations. With his expertise in healthy cuisine, he delights in crafting nourishing and flavorful meals that complement his holistic lifestyle. Alessandro's diverse skills and genuine passion for nature, spirituality, storytelling, herbs, and wholesome food make him a captivating individual with much to offer in various spheres of life. Check our FAQs section for the most common yoga related questions!

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