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Mindful Seeing Meditation

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Did you ever noticed yourself at some place, watching it quietly and getting lost in it. Minutes passes and you don't realize about the time. Sudden shift in the state of mind, complete calmness and stillness at that moment.

Meditation doesn't just mean sitting cross-legged on the floor with your eyes closed. 

If you can relate, learning how to meditate with your eyes open, or as how to practice "mindful seeing" . "Mindful seeing is the practice of consciously noticing everything within your visual field, It takes your mind from a place of thinking and doing to a place of noticing." The best part about mindful seeing, is that there's really no right or wrong way to do it. "This is not about attaining a goal," . "It is about simply feeling, sensing, noticing, and being present to the moment."

If mindfulness is something you struggle with every time you try to practice it, Mindful seeing can definitely make the thing more approachable, particularly for those who feel like they get "lost" when they try to meditate.

There's no particular right or wrong place for mindful seeing. You can do it any time anywhere, whatever u love to see whether it be a sunset, ocean , stars. Preferably something universal, something vast which will also make you feel your mind expanding. But if you can't step out then seeing something in your home also works for instance sometimes I watch my indoor plants or paintings.

When you step outside of yourself through a practice like mindful seeing, it can ultimately have a positive effect on your mind, emotions, your behavior, and even your interactions with other people.

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